Smarter Selling Solutions

Exclusive Vendor Advocates is one of Melbourne’s most respected team of professional advisors and consultants. Our team is licensed, independent, and members of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV).

With over 40 years combined experience in the real estate industry, we have helped our many vendors over the years to avoid acting on misleading advice, reduced the stress and burden of selling a home, and provided sound property advice based on in-depth research of their property and its surrounds.

Exclusive Vendor Advocates aim to guide vendors through each step of the property sale process, advising them on marketing strategies, coordination and negotiation with other agents and buyers, and ensure that the property sells for the highest possible price under the best terms and conditions of sale.

In majority of cases, we achieve a 10% better result for our clients, compared to those who choose to work with a local agent alone. This is largely due to our recommendations on choosing the right agent to work in conjunction with, the best selling method for that particular property, advertising and marketing strategies, and by offering a protective and professional buffer between vendors and selling agents. This ensures that well-informed decisions will be made throughout the entire selling process.


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