“I was able to deal with real estate agents from a position of power”

I have brought and sold property in the past and have always found dealing with the Real Estate Agents a far from enjoyable experience. In fact it has been very  stressful and I did not look forward to going through it again to sell my current townhouse, so I decided to employ the services of a Sellers Advocate to assist me.

Armed with Exclusive Vendor Advocacy and namely David Melatti at my side, I found that I was able to deal with the Real Estate Agent from a position of power, control the marketing strategy used and set the reserve price that I wanted, rather than feeling pressured by the Real Estate Agent to accept their recommendations.

The result was that selling my townhouse was not the horrible stressful process that I had experience in the past. I felt that David and I were working as a team and it was nice to be able to bounce things off him and knew that he would tell me the truth, and be very op  en. We set the reserve price together, which was a lot higher than what the Real Estate Agent had advised and I was able to achieve a successful sale for a great price.