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Assist Sell

This service is perfect for vendors who need assistance in selling their property and choosing the right real estate agent for the job. Assist Sell us a unique selling method devised by the Exclusive Vendor Advocates team, which involves working in conjunction with the best possible agent for the property. We help vendors decide on which type of sale, which style of marketing.

A question asked by many is “Why would I need a vendor advocate?”

The simple answer to this: real estate agents are dealing with both parties (vendors and buyers). Whose interests are they serving – the vendors, the buyers, or their own?

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This service was designed by Exclusive Vendor Advocates with the knowledge that many vendors are uncomfortable using an agent in the sale of their property – either because they don’t trust that agents are being completely transparent, have had a bad experience in the past, or are interested in having a more hands on approach in the sale of their property.

This method of selling a property involves the implementations of an 8-step plan in order to ensure an optimum result is achieved for vendors. The Self-Self Service involves Exclusive Vendor Advocates working without the assistance of an estate agent in the selling of your property.

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Pre-Sale Market Assessment

This assessment allows vendors to know what their property is really worth, which is often different to the biased price which local agents will claim. Our pre-sale independent market assessments take into consideration what direct comparible properties have sold recently in your area, along with how the current market conditions may influence the selling price and level of interest in regards to your property. We also determine what the demographic proportion of prospective buyers could be.

We make this assessment based on many aspects of your property; including (but not limited to):

  • Size and topography of the land
  • building size, style and condition
  • streetscape
  • amenities and infrastructure
  • similar properties in your area (and their asking/selling price)
  • 5 year performance of the property suburb
  • future forecast in regards to the property (short, medium, and long term)
  • supply and demand of similar properties

Rent Return Analysis

Through our property management division (Smart Property Manager) we offer home owners a rent return analysis on their property. For more information on receiving a rent return analysis, please visit our Smart Property Manager website.