Self Sell

Using An Eight-Step Plan To Achieve Optimum Results

With our Self Sell Service, we equip the vendor with all the right advertising and marketing strategies, and help the vendor to sell their home in the least stressful and most financially rewarding method possible. To achieve this, Exclusive Vendor Advocates implement the following 8-step plan:

  1. Select the best selling method
    Auction, private sale, expressions of interest, etc.
  2. Ascertain the true market value throughout the campaign
    The evaluation of your home doesn’t stop from the first day of the selling process. It’s important to establish best and worst case financial scenarios, which will assist in setting an accurate reserve price, and the successful execution of the pricing strategy.
  3. Establish cost effective marketing strategies
    This is a multi-step process, and is dependent on the particular proposal that Exclusive Vendor Advocates will offer the vendor.
  4. Target specific and qualified buyers
    Advertising needs to specify the different demographics – first home buyers, professionals, investors, etc.
  5. Positioning the home correctly in the market place
    It is vital to set the home above the rest of the market. It’s also very important to keep the vendor informed on the property performance, and the relevant area.


  1. Presenting the home for sale
    Exclusive Vendor Advocates will ensure that the property is presented in the most ambient possible way – comfortable temperature, fresh flowers, background music, aromatic baked goods, coffee facilities, and more. The Exclusive Vendor Advocates team will arrive at the property at least 20 minutes prior to an inspection, and make themselves available for 20-30 minutes after an inspection. This is to facilitate any enquiries prospective buyers may have.
  2. Photography
    As part of our unique selling method, we devise a unique way to advertise homes, and highlight its best features through professional photography.

    The right photography, taken at the right angles, light, etc. and careful selection on brochures, board and internet is critical in creating enquiry – and ultimately – inspections. The Exclusive Vendor Advocate team will be present during the photo shoot to ensure each shot is taken correctly.
  3. Open for inspections/private inspections/handling enquiries
    Open for inspections and private inspections are vitally important to show prospective home buyers through your home. Exclusive Vendor Advocates encourage private inspections whenever possible, to highlight all the features of the home, and overcome any potential negative feedback from competitor buyers. All enquiries will be handled efficiently and professionally.

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