• David Melatti

HOW TO: prepare your home for sale

The way in which your home is presented can have a huge effect on how potential buyers view your home. If it's too cluttered, it can look small and cramped. If it's too empty, it can look too sterile and not 'homey' enough.

With that in mind, we've come up with a quick list of preparation tips for you:


Remove excessive personal items, furniture, artwork, etc

Ensure bathrooms are beautiful by adding scent sticks and scented soaps.

Dust off all light fittings, fans, eaves, and anywhere else which may be have dust or cobwebs

De-personalise the bedrooms by having neutral, good quality linen

Ensure towels in bathroom and kitchen are nice and decorative


Keep outdoor areas well maintained - by trimming hedges, cutting grass, and removing clutter.

Plant some flowers in areas which look too empty.

Power hose paving outside, and oil decking.

Make sure windows are clean and dust free.

Ensure guttering is damage-free and not an eyesore

If your property is vacant, you may want to consider staging or virtual staging.

The Exclusive Vendor Advocates team can help you prepare and sell your home!

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